Benevolence Team

Our Benevolence Team is devoted to spreading God's love through their kind gestures. You may notice when visiting LPBC that we join in a meal almost once a month. The Benevolence Team works to coordinate food and decor for our meals together so that we are able to enjoy food and fellowship as the body of Christ. The Benevolence Team prepares treats for the children, love offerings for our volunteer staff, and considers the needs of individuals in our congregation. 

The considerations of our Benevolence Team: 

Would you like to contribute to our benevolence team? 





For further information regarding our Benevolence Team please contact June Rash or Barbara Gray. 

Support of our staff 

Support of individual members

Support of our congregation

Support of our shut ins

Support of church groups 

To donate to the Benevolence Team, click on the button labeled "Buy Now" that will take you to our PayPal site. In your donation, specify that you would like your funds to go towards "Benevolence Team" in your subject line. You can also specify what you would like your funds to go towards: 

      Ex. Subject Line:  Benevolence Team - Inner Rhythm Choir