Bereavement Team 

The Bereavement Team and Hospital Team work together to support those in our church and community that need support in times of loss, hardship, and difficulty. The first and most important duty of this team is to stay aware of the prayer list in our weekly bulletin. 
The Bereavement Team also provides love and warmth to those in need. The team focuses on the individual needs of those who are going through difficult times in their life. The hearts, shown in the picture above and made by the Dorcas Disciples, are often given as an extension of the congregation's love and continual prayer. The Hospital Team specifically reaches out to members, family, and friends who are in the hospital and provides support and friendly visits to those who spend hours or days in the hospital. 
If you have suffered from loss, grief, or hardship, the Bereavement Team would be honored to be your support system. Our church provides care and support that is incomparable and we would love to surround you in care and support in your time of hardship. Please visit our Contact Page and let us know how we can help. 
Also, if you have been given the gift of providing comfort to those in need of support, we would love for you to join the Bereavement Team or Hospital Team. Please speak to June Rash or Ed Allen if you are interested.
Hearts for Healing