Deacon on Call

A very important part of our church community is our group of elected Deacons. The deacons of Lindley Park Baptist Church are usually members that have been elected by a church-wide vote annually. Each year three deacons will rotate off the deacons list and three new deacons rotate into our deacon roster. During our time of transition, the deacons serve as the main deciding body of the church along with the Church Council. 

Each week the deacon on call will rotate between deacon members. Their responsibilities include: care of the church building, reading of the call to worship, and response to any church emergency. You can find the deacon of the week printed in our bulletin each week. 

List of Deacons

Will Hendren (lead deacon)

Jan Hart

Linda Vaughan

Brad Vaughan 

Larry Thompson 

David Jobe

If you have any further questions regarding deacons or you would like to learn about how to become a deacon, please contact our office by e-mailing or calling (336)292-5761