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We have so many ways that YOU can get involved at Lindley Park Baptist Church! No criteria needed!

Arts Team

Team Leader - Jordan Hart 

The Arts Based Team focuses on finding ways in which the arts can enhance the worship experience of our congregation. We have several ways in which art, music, dance, and theatre are used to praise God. The arts based team supports our Adult Choir, Praise Team, and special music that is performed during our worship service. Our arts team also supports our activities such as our handbell ensemble, Inner Rhythm Choir, our partnership with Exceptional Friends Studios, and missions in which artistic talents can be seen such as That Friday Night Thing. 

Click on "Arts Team" for more information on how to get involved in the ARTS at LPBC!

Bereavment Team

Team Leader - Barbara Vernon Gray and Ed Allen

When you lose someone close to you, having no one to help the pain is very difficult. That's where the Bereavement Team comes in. They are there, by your side with a ready ear and a shoulder. They will do anything to make your mourning a little bit easier. From helping to coordinate funerals held at LPBC to coordinating hospital visits, the Bereavement Team provides support for those who go through difficult times. 

Communications Team

Team Leader - Linda Vaughan and Larry Thompson

Creating lasting relationships with our visitors is very important here at Lindley Park Baptist Church! We want to make sure that visitors feel comfortable and welcomed when they first step foot into our sanctuary. The communications team coordinates visitor relations and reaches out to visitors after their visit to develop support for them as they get acclimated to our church. If you have a friendly face and a welcoming spirit then we encourage you to get involved with our communications team. 

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Missions Team

Team Leader - Jan Hart 

This team is, without a doubt, one of the hardest working teams at Lindley Park Baptist Church. This team reaches out to so many people between Operation Christmas Child to packing lunch bags for Lindley Park Elementary School, their #1 priority is spreading the news of Jesus Christ. Our missions team coordinates with members of the congregation and with small groups such as Connect4 to minister to local, national, and global missions. We have so many missions that we support at LPBC that we have a "missions room" in which we keep all of the materials we use for all of our missions at LPBC.

Click on the "Missions Team" button for more information about how you can get involved with Missions at LPBC!

Youth and Children Team

Team Leader - Patty Forrest 

The Youth & Children team are the envy of the whole church. Why? BECAUSE THEY HAVE THE MOST FUN! From their usual adventures outside of church (going to the movies, roller skating, etc.) to those inside the church  (bible studies, etc.), the youth and children team is always looking to engage young people in Christ! All of these fun events cant be coordinated by one person, it takes a group of dedicated individuals who have a heart for working with children to mount these events. 

Click on the "Youth & Children Team" button to find out more information about how you can get involved with Youth and Children at LPBC!

Worship Team

Team Leader - Patrick Cardwell

At LPBC, we believe that the church body should be involved in the proceedings of our worship service. The worship team focuses on selecting the course of the service and seeks to create a service that celebrates and praises the Lord. The worship team meets monthly to plan the following month of service and is always looking for new members to contribute ideas and iput! 

Click on the "Worship Team" button for more information about how you can get involved with worship planning at LPBC!

Tech Support Team

Team Leader - Ed Allen


Believe it or not, it takes a great deal of technical support in order to make sure that the worship service is heard and seen. We have several folks who have devoted their time to working with the sanctuary sound system, the PowerPoint display, and Andrew's Place technical equipment. If you have a gift for technical devices such as sound equipment, projector equipment, or lighting equipment, then we could use your help! 

Please see David Whittle in the lighting booth at the back of the sanctuary on Sunday if you are interested in joining Tech Support at LPBC!

Usher Team

Team Leaders - Will Hendren and Larry Thompson


Our ushers are all volunteers that come from the church body. The LPBC Ushers are, by far, some of the most friendly folks you will meet at Lindley Park. Their responsibilities include handing out bulletins each Sunday morning and assisting in passing the collection plate for our weekly offering. Ushering is a gift that is great for a new member of our church! 

If you are interested in ushering, please speak with either Will Hendren or Larry Thompson on Sunday mornings. 

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