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Sermon Central

Rev. Patrick Cardwell has a sermon each week that bring new perspectives and new meaning to the scripture. We are now offering these sermons on our facebook page and this website for those that were not able to hear it on Sunday. 

Remember Who You Are Pastor Patrick Cardwell

September 15, 2019

So even in this exchange with God in an odd passage where God isn’t quite what we’re used to, Moses reminds us of who God is - always acting in love, always faithful to God’s promises, and willing to find a way forward. That’s where I see the work of the Church. Isn’t that our job today? To show people and to remind people what God is like?

A New Dawn

Pastor Patrick Cardwell

August 25, 2019

The synagogue leader was only pretending to truly worship God, but this woman was not pretending at all. Her posture was real, her pain was real, and her praise was real. It was real! She brought her full self into that synagogue to worship God and hear Jesus teach. Even though she may have been ostracized and marginalized time and time before, she still came that day with no pretense about who she was. And on the Sabbath, God wants us to show up without pretending, too

Molded and Made

Pastor Patrick Cardwell

September 8, 2019

We can’t be molded if we’re not yielded. We can’t be shaped if we won’t allow ourselves to be. God waits for us to be yielded; wants us to choose his ways; longs for us to become something even more beautiful than we already are. Because you’ll never know how greatly God can change your life unless you let him. There are all sorts of amazing outcomes possible at God’s pottery wheel.

Faith to Finish 

Pastor Patrick Cardwell

August 21, 2019

Want to hear August 21st sermon from our pastor? Check it out here!

Sitting Like Jesus 

Pastor Patrick Cardwell

September 1, 2019

Jesus is calling us down from the ladders of success and he’s asking us to join him at the Table of humility. Not the table where we’re concerned about where we’re sitting, or who’s beside us, or even whose table it is. If we’ll let him, Jesus will take our ladder, this false way of honor and achievement, and he’ll make it into a chair, where we can sit and take in a different view of life.